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Pamela (Pearland, TX)

Looking to place your loved one in a Houston Memory Care Center? Contact Syed; he worked diligently with me to find the perfect match for my Dad. Syed is familiar with all locations around the Greater Houston area and visits those campuses to check on the current status. He is extraordinarily astute in listening to your goals for your loved one. I am very grateful to him - I could have never achieved this on my own. Syed(Senior Living Advisor in Houston) visits the campus with you so he can hear what each location is sharing with you and asks tough questions (that you may not have thought about), he can also negotiate monthly fees for you - and it is all free to you!

Connie (Tomball, TX)

Our mother has Alzheimer's disease, and by May it had progressed enough that we needed to move her from assisted living to memory care. I was in an attorney's office and mentioned that fact. They said Syed A. Rizvi could help and gave me his name and number; he was easy to contact. When we spoke it became obvious that he was knowledgeable about Alzheimer's and facilities for people affected with the disease. He took into account the location, money limitations, and my mom's general health. Syed(Senior Living Advisor in Houston) was patient in answering all our questions, and we visited 3 places that fit our needs. He has been attentive even after we placed our mom in memory care, asking if we were happy with our choice, how it was working out, did we need anything. We have been very pleased with the service Syed has provided and feel fortunate to have found him. We would highly recommend him. Thank you from the Whaley family.

Kim and John (Spring, TX)

When we decided that we could no longer safely take care of Dad’s needs in our home, we started our own search for an elder living community to meet his needs. Even with a wealth of resources at our disposal, we quickly found out that there were far more questions than we had answers for. We were so glad to find ASBICO and Syed Rizvi (Senior Living Advisor in Houston) to guide us through this very emotional and stressful decision. He was available right away to meet us in our home. This was the best move we could have made in our search for a place for Dad. Syed has a vast knowledge of all issues dealing with Elder care. In our first meeting, he was able to educate us very quickly and in a way we could understand. After eloquently explaining his part in the process, Syed gathered information from us like Dad’s medical needs, his personality, his hobbies, our budget, travel constraints, etc.. Syed took this information and came up with a list of choices that would be a good fit for Dad. Only two days later, Syed gave up 6 hours of his Saturday afternoon to take us on a tour of several communities. He was able to set up appointments with administrators for tours of each of these communities, saving us hours and hours. After each visit, Syed patiently took the time to answer all of our questions. It just so happened that Dad was to be released from a rehab facility much sooner than we had planned for. Within five days from our first meeting with Syed, Dad was in a great assisted living facility. We were so fortunate to have Syed’s help to find and get Dad placed in a community that is a great fit for him so quickly. Syed’s inside knowledge of Elder Care in general and the specifics of so many different communities in the area was absolutely invaluable to us! Many thanks to Syed for being a great advocate for Dad as well as an exceptional advisor to us in this time of transition in our family.

Susan (Katy, TX)

When you need to find Senior Care for a loved one in the Houston area, my suggestion is for you to call Syed Rizvi. He is a Senior Living Advisor in Houston with Asbico. He will listen and REALLY HEAR YOU!! He helps you find the right care for help in your home, an assisted living, in a memory care community, in a nursing home or even when you know hospice is the right option. He is the right person to help you navigate one of the most difficult decisions you are called upon to make, when you need to put your loved one into a place that can give them the care they need. You are the spouse or daughter or grandson or sister or brother of someone who is trying their best to take care of a spouse, father, mother, sister, grandmother, aunt or other relative age in place but they need a little help. And, so do you. You are stressed, and you have finally realized that taking care of someone else is not only difficult, but it also wears on your own health. Talk with Syed today. He will help figure out exactly the best solution for the care of that loved one and this will give you the much needed relief that you need. Give him a call today, you’ll be glad you did.

Troy (Tomball, TX)

Thank you Syed for your help finding an assisted living facility in Houston for my parents. Your thorough knowledge of Alzheimer's helped us make a very informed decision. Well done!!!

Karamali (Houston, TX)

It was a pleasure to meet with Mr. Sayed. He is very nice and professional and also very knowledgeable. He helped my wife and I a lot and I do appreciate his great job.

Carnellia (Magnolia, TX)

When I was looking for assistance for placement in either an assisted living or nursing home for my husband, I did not know where to start. Fortunately, I had friends that suggested Mr. Syed Rizvi, a Senior Advocate, who had helped them greatly when they were looking for help with their own relatives. I called him and I met with him personally, and after getting all the particulars, he immediately went to work looking for a fit for my husband. He also had many resources that he could suggest in many other matters as well, from help from the VA, attorneys, facilities, to monetary assistance from various resources. He was also diligent in following up to see how I was faring and to see what further assistance I might need. I am very grateful for his help as he helped me find a good group home for my husband that has worked out very well for us. I really do not know what I would have done without his help. If you are one the fence about accepting help from a Senior Advocate, don't be! The assistance was invaluable, thanks to Mr. Rizvi(Senior Living Advisor in Houston)!

Jimmy (Macon, GA)

Syed, Your excellent advice on all aspects of my brothers care has been more helpful than you can imagine. We are fortunate to have crossed paths with you. Perhaps one day we can return the favor. All the best wishes and take care during these stressful days. I hope I can meet with you during my next trip to Houston.

Jackie (Pearland, TX)

Sayed, thanks so much for helping me during my search for the proper community for my Mom. Your knowledge and caring heart has made a difficult time more comforting. You have spent lots of time searching and constantly communicating with me on the status of things. Thanks again for all you do.

Chevelle (The Woodlands, TX)

Syed Rizvi was recommended to me and I cannot tell you how grateful I am for his patience and knowledge of the Houston area on senior living and care. Having to to deal with moving my sick elderly Mother here from Tennessee, I was at my wits end and did not know where to start. I met with Syed (Senior Living Advisor in Houston) a day later and he spent hours with me interviewing and talking learning everything about my mother and our family and of course her budget. The hours and service that he provided was a lifesaver and I couldn't be more happy where we finally ended up placing her.

Vicki (Hockley, TX)

Dear Sayed, I can’t thank you enough for the help you gave us in dealing with my mother. We were completely clueless on where to begin in getting her moved from the nursing home she was in, which was not a good choice for her to begin with. We really didn’t know what options were available for her. The several hours you spent sitting with my husband and I discussing our situation, getting to know us and what our values are, were priceless. The thoroughness with which you questioned us to gain understanding of our needs was beyond what anyone else has ever offered us. Also, your specialization and knowledge about dealing with Alzheimer’s and Dementia really helped us to understand much of what we were dealing with and thus, determine the most suitable care for my mother. Your ability to narrow down the possibilities for us based on our financial capabilities, as well as to find something near our home is much appreciated by us. Your time visiting with us, followed by your visit with my mother proved to very beneficial. She was very comfortable talking with you speaks to your ability to put others at ease, especially in this population of elders dealing with dementia. Thank you for being patient with us enough to show us several options, and your willingness to dig deeper should we have needed it. Also, your willingness to negotiate price with the owner of the Assisted Living Facility we liked best allowed us to be able to choose that one. Sayed, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the help you gave us, as it allowed us to find a beautiful home for my mother to live in for the rest of her life; a home wherein the values of the owners/operators and staff are consistent with ours.

Donna (Spring, TX)

I was the power of attorney for a member of our church who was an 88 year old childless widow. She had gastrointestinal and mobility issues. She reached a point, financially, when her savings were dwindling. In order to maximize the time she would have assisted living and avoid moving to a facility with Medicaid funded, lower, level of care, I was trying to find a less expensive assisted living facility that still had a good level of care. In the process, my wife and I met with Syed, who is a Sr. Advisor. In a thorough and compassionate way he interviewed our church friend and us to fully understand her and our circumstances. It was immediately obvious he is highly knowledgeable about all aspects of elder care and has a firm grasp on the senior living facilities, their rates, and quality of care. He cut through the hours of research it would have taken us. He selected several facilities with which we were impressed, accompanied us on the visits, and counseled with us afterwards, all at no cost to us. Based on our experience, we strongly recommend Syed to anyone searching for a facility for their elderly or disabled loved one.

Debbie (Conroe, TX)

If you are looking for someone to help find a senior living facility in Houston, TX, I highly recommend Syed Rizvi. He was a tremendous help in locating a memory care unit for my mother who is in later stage of dementia. He(Senior Living Advisor in Houston) met with me personally to explain his role in the process and get background info on my mom. He provided his professional support every step of the way and was very honest and upfront with me. He is invaluable.

Janna (Spring, TX)

Goes the extra mile above and beyond to help your loved one find the best quality fit for the best price!

Margaret (Houston, TX)

I have worked with Syed (Senior Living Advisor in Houston) of Asbico and he is very knowledgeable and compassionate when assisting seniors find the perfect facility.

Shyrose (Spring, TX)

Worked with Rizvi to find a place for a resident. Very kind and humble. Knows his stuff. Can find the right place in short time.

Ryan (Cypress, TX)

His unique and person centric approach makes you feel like you’ve got a senior living expert in the family.

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