What is Bipolar Disorder with Dementia

What is Bipolar Disorder with Dementia

Few people with bipolar disorder may develop dementia. However, there's limited information about this condition.

In a study of more than 3 million US veterans, preliminary findings revealed that bipolar disorder (BD) is associated with dementia. The factors that linked the two remain unknown as the connection has only been found out recently. Some people claim that the factors that link the two might be the shared unhealthy behaviors or comorbid conditions.

Some research also suggests that the use of lithium in people with bipolar disorder affects the amyloid and tau protein, which increases the risk of developing Alzheimer's.

There's an ongoing debate whether people with a history of bipolar disorder do really develop a progressive cognitive disorder. Further studies are needed to evaluate this connection. For now, we know that there's a host of undetermined factors that link bipolar disorder and dementia.

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Bipolar Disorder with Dementia

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